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mySTM32-Board-F4D, assembly kit

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mySTM32-Board-F4D, assembly kit

price: 14.95 Euro

The mySTM32-Board-F4D
is an ideal addition to the STM32F4-Discovery

The mySTM32-Board-F4D functioned as an Add-On and it is an ideal addition to the board „STM32F4-Discovery“. Additional digital and analog input and output devices, plus the possibility of an optional USB-UART Bridge for the communication with the pc complete your stage of experiment and study. Additional are more optionale interface, e.g. IR receiver and IR transmitter.
In addition, this Add-On has an interface for myAVR products. Therefore mySTM32-Board-F4D offers you the chance to employ the new 32bit technology in combination with the existing myAVR products.

The mySTM32-Board-F4D is especially designed to support the upgrading of myAVR-products and 8bit AVR-controller,
for connoisseur to the programming of 32bit ARM microcontroller and make it easier for beginner to access.

The mySTM32-Board-F4D is equipped with some typical input and output devices of the myAVR-series like a potentiometer, a switch, a frequency converter and LEDs. Also on the board is a photo sensor for the use of different degrees of brightness. The form factor orientate at reliable didactically principles of the myAVR learning system.


  • Interface for STM32F4-Discovery
  • Interface for myAVR products
  • Typical input and output devices (buttons, LEDs, etc.)
  • Analog photo sensor to experiment with different degrees of brightness
  • With microSD-card slot
  • Grid for flexible application (2,54mm)
  • optional prepared componets
    • USB-UART-Bridge (myUSBtoUART)
    • infrared-receiver
    • infrared-transmitter
    • myPhyEthernet

mySTM32-Board-F4D assembled,
incl. myUSBtoUART

Scope of supply:

  • 1 circuit board, SMD pre-equipped
  • 3 LEDs
  • 1 piezo electric/buzzer
  • 2 miniature switch
  • 2 potentiometer with full-floating axle
  • 1 photoconductive cell
  • 1 jumper
  • 1 female connector 20 pin
  • 2 female connector 2x25 pin
  • 2 multi-pin connector 16 pin, straight

myUSBtoUART is not included in the delivery !
system requirements for Discovery-board
  • PC with Windows XP / 7 / 8
  • Mini USB-cable


The „STM32F4-Discovery“ is the motherboard to the mySTM32-Board-F4D. The STM32F4-Discovery helps you to discover the functions and to develop easy applications of the STM32F4. It enables a fast induction at the ARM technology for beginner and advanced.
mySTM32-Board-F4D, assembly kit
An ideal addition to the "STM32F4-Discovery" with additional interface for myAVR products
  • Interface for STM32F4-Discovery
  • Interface for myAVR products
  • In- and output devices
  • grind: 2.54 mm
  • microSD card slot
list price: 14.95 Euro

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