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STK600 (ATSTK600)

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STK600 (ATSTK600)

price: 248.90 Euro

The STK600 is a AVR starter kit from Atmel. It provides support for development and testing of AVR codes for AVR 8-Bit to 32-Bit ATMEL microcontrollers. It is equipped with an ATmega2560. For the use of other AVRs on the STK600 expansion boards are available from ATMEL. Sockets and adapters are available from the narrow
8-pin up to the big 144 pins. It supports the ATmega- and Xmega series.
The programming of the board is via the USB port. The STK600 supports parallel and serial programming and JTAG as in external systems.
The STK600 programming interface is integrated in AVR Studio and AVR32 Studio.

  • USB-Interface for programming via PC
  • serial programming via ISP for AVRs
  • JTAG-Programming for AVR and AVR32
  • AVR Programming in external Systemen via ISP and JTAG
  • 8 miniature switch
  • 8 LEDs
  • AVR-pins on connectors accessible
  • mini-USB port (A-B)
  • RS232 interface
  • CAN Bus interface

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STK600 (ATSTK600)
A programmer and development system from ATMEL for 8 to 144-pole AVR Flash microcontrollers in SMD case
list price: 248.90 Euro

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