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bootloader burner

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bootloader burner

bootloader burner

price: 2.75 Euro

If you buy a controller separate, then it is without bootloader. We recommend to order the controller with pre-installed bootloader if you want to use the controller with a myAVR article.
The bootloader is available for following controller with clock frequency.

bootloader AVR
  3,6864 MHz 8 MHz 16 MHz 20 MHz
ATmega8A X X X /
ATmega168 X X X X
ATmega328 X X X X

bootloader AVR910, i.a. for LINUX, MAC, ...
  3,6864 MHz 8 MHz 16 MHz 20 MHz
ATmega8A X / / /

Please write by your order into the field "Comments" the required bootloader and the required clock frequency for the controller.

bootloader burner
prepare controller/programmer for use with a myAVR article
list price: 2.75 Euro

We recommend by following articles:

ATmega8A-PU, DIP 28 (16 MHz)



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