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DL113: Technical description mySmartControl MK2, version 1.11
mySmartControl MK2 is a compact microcontroller-board with a AVR RISC controller from Atmel and a standardized USB interface. The programming is possible via a pre-installed Boot loader or over ISP.
In order to perform control tasks the module uses a 20-pin female header as myAVR standard connection.The communication with the PC runs completely transparent over a virtual COM-Port.
The firmware simpleTerminal (tool_simple-terminal.rar) is a small program for the mySmartControl M8 / M168. It allows you to set, delete and change the bits of the used ports. It is required for the realisation of projects such as the example project "LED-Matrix". To use it just copy the firmware to the mySmartControl. To do this you can use the following software: myAVR Prog Tool, myAVR WorkPad SE/PLUS or SiSy AVR.
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