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Overview myAVR USB programmer

mySmartUSB light

mySmartUSB MK2

mySmartUSB MK3

  • ISP-Programmer
  • In case
  • Modern USB stick design
  • No short-circuit risk because of no open printed boards
  • Very fast because of double buffering
  • Has auto-ISP-Speed
  • Very cheap
  • Reversible between 3 V and 5 V target systems
  • Has traffic, error and status indication
  • Is directly connected to the PC or notebook
  • ISP-programmer and communication interface
  • Multifunctional glutton for work
  • Has a UART-USB-, SPI-USB-, TWI-USB-Bridge extra
  • Specialized for the MK2 serial
  • Has a rescue clock function to save controller which are not accessible
  • Usable also for other tasks through an addon and adapter
  • Allround- and hightech programmer
  • The programming wonder par excellence, offers also high voltage parallel and -serial programming
  • Advantage: has many programming modes, which are supported through different protocols
  • Has UART, TWI/I²C and SPI-bridge.
  • Suitable for the MK2 and MK3 serial
ISP 6 pole 10 pole 6 pole
HV-serial not available not available available
HV-parallel not available not available available
JTAG not available not available applicable
SPI-bridge not available available available
TWI-Bridge not available available available
UART-bridge not available available available
Power supply 3/5 V 3/5 V 3/5 V
Connection USB-A-connector USB-B-socket USB-B-socket
Status LEDs available available available
Case available not available not available
    AVR Studio
    available (alternative)
    available (standard)
    not available
    not available
    available (TWI/SPI)
14,95 € 28,00 € 38,00 €
Driver are available for
  • Windows CE, Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Linux
  • MacIntosh OSX
=> You can download the driver for this systems at
=> You can find the USB driver for myAVR products with Windows in the myavr download

  • all 3 programmers has a preinstalled bootloader, which is updateable
  • all programmers are also ideal for notebook users, because no parallel or COM-Port is necessary

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mySmartUSB light


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