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mySmartUSB MK2 (programmer and bridge)

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  • in SMD-construction
  • all SMD-components are equipped
  • status LEDs
  • industry standard-controller (CP2102)
  • ISP-port
  • USB-connection
  • DIP switch
  • quartz crystal 8 MHz


  • ISP-programmer with USB-connection and integrated communication interface
  • therewith it is possible:
    • to program micro-controller
    • to place fuse- and lock-bits
    • to manufacture a serial data transfer between a micro-controller and a computer

  • it is a versatile plodder and ideal for ISP-programming
  • highspeed data transmission and programming velocity over USB 2.0
    through the "Blockmode" of the AVR911 protocol
  • supported are different 8-bit-RISC-processors of the company Atmel, which have a ISP-port and
    belong to the AVR-family
  • power supply of the target system is provided by USB-interface
      → elective it can take the power supply of the target system from 5 V to 80 mA
      → these voltage is enough for the most experimental assembly with easy input and output devices, it is none extra power supply necessary like power adapters or batteries
  • programmer disposes by a integrated bootloader
      → firmwareupdates are easy to load by new controller types
  • the mySmartUSB MK2 protocol will be implemented at the firmware
      → enabled programming by AVR910 / AVR 911 specific protocol
      → engage and disconnect the voltage of the board
      → conduct a reset of the programmer or the target system
      → demand of current status information
      → thereby the mySmartUSB MK2 is changeable in different modes (e. g. programming-, data- or
      neutral mode)
  • for a easy handling of the additional function you can download for free the mySmartUSB Terminal
      → therewith can use very easy the above-mentioned additional functions via keypress
      → additional can justify the SPI-speed of the programmer and
      → a Rescue-Mode will save the controller, which are not any more responsive through
      false appointed fusebits
      → furthermore can individual TWI-ICs (e. g. myTWI real time clock, myTWI temperature sensor or myTWI eeprom), which are connected at the target system , addressed with the PC and communicated with them
    mySmartUSB Terminal

  • firmware decreed over a automatically Step-Down-Mode for controller, which switched on slow source of stroke
    under 1 MHz and this one who not any more operate with the standard-ISP-speed
  • very easy and secure handling through the ISP-interface
      → for programming the controller does not have to remove out of the target system
      → none external power supply through a power supply unit or battery necessary
  • can conduce for further applications as basis, e. g. for a UART-USB, SPI-USB, TWI-USB converter
  • decreed about USB- to UART-Bridge CP2102 of Silicon Labs
    • → connect a communication between the micro-controller at the target system and the PC about
      a defined protocol
      → data, which come from USB-host of the PC, will transfer thereby at the format of the
      serial UART-protocol
  • the mySmartUSB MK2 can programmed by the following programming environment:
  • is integrated as slaveboard over 2 female connectors at the myAVR Board MK2
  • can be integrated as slaveboard over 2 female connectors at the myMultiProg MK2 and the mySmartLab
  • can be used individual

  • Driver are available for
    • Windows CE, Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Linux
    • MacIntosh OSX
    => You can download the driver for this systems at
    => You can find the USB driver for myAVR products with Windows in the myavr download

  • System requirements for the mySmartUSB:
    • Hardware: USB 2.0 with standard USB A - connection
    • Cable: standard USB cable A-B
    • System software:
      Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 /10
      Mac OS9 / OSX
      Linux 2.4 / 2.6

technical data:

  • supply voltage: 5 V
  • operating current: 10 - 20 mA typical without other loads up to 100 mA if connected to target system
  • operating temperature: 0 ° C - 30 ° C

scope of supply:

  • USB-programmer with 10-contact print plug
  • flat cable
  • 2 pin header 10 way, male, right angle (to connect the programmer with other boards)

supported protocols:

  • AVR910/911

supported programming method:

  • ISP

supported controllers (excerpt):

  • AT90PWM3
  • AT90S1200
  • AT90S2313
  • AT90S2343
  • AT90S4414
  • AT90S4433
  • AT90S8515
  • AT90S8535
  • ATmega103
  • ATmega128
  • ATmega16
  • ATmega161
  • ATmega162
  • ATmega163
  • ATmega164P
  • ATmega168
  • ATmega169
  • ATmega32
  • ATmega324P
  • ATmega328P
  • ATmega329
  • ATmega3290
  • ATmega48
  • ATmega64
  • ATmega644
  • ATmega8
  • ATmega8515
  • ATmega8535
  • ATmega88

  • ATtiny12
  • ATtiny13
  • ATtiny15
  • ATtiny2313
  • ATtiny24
  • ATtiny25
  • ATtiny26
  • ATtiny44
  • ATtiny45
  • ATtiny84
  • ATtiny85


mySmartUSB MK2 (programmer and bridge)
The future-proof solution for ISP-Programming and data communication via UART, TWI, IC or SPI
  • without an external power supply
  • very fast data communication and programming speed
  • blockmode of the AVR911 protocol
list price: 28.00 Euro

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