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myMultiProg MK3 PLUS, assembly kit

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myMultiProg MK3 is an universal extension board which can be used for programming various AVR controllers in DIP housing. Different AVR controllers can easily be attached to the board. This is done via a ZIF socket. As programmer we recommend using the mySmartUSB MK3. The connection from the USB programmer to the controller is realized with using different, controller-specific coding plugs. You can ever recover controllers with wrong fuses, due to the fact that the mySmartUSB MK3 supports several programming modes (ISP, High-voltage Serial, High-voltage parallel). The integrated programmer types of the mySmartUSB MK3 allow for using it with various AVR development tools on different operating systems.
Please consider: the USB programmer does not belong to the scope of supply !


  • Universal programming board for ATMEL microcontrollers in DIP-housing
  • ZIF socket for easy fixation of controllers
  • Rescuing of controllers with wrong fuses possible.

supported controllers (amongst others):

  • ATtiny11/12/13/15/25/45/85
  • AT90S2323/2343
  • ATtiny24/44/84
  • ATmega161/162/8515
  • AT90S8515
  • ATmega16/32/163/323
  • ATmega164/324/644/1284/8535
  • AT90S8535
  • ATmega8/48/88/168/328
  • ATtiny28/48/88
  • AT90S4433
  • ATtiny2313/4313
  • ATtiny26/261/461/861

Technical data:

  • Sampling rate: 10 kHz
  • Operating current: max. 100 mA via USB; 1 A via external supply
  • Betriebsspannung: max. 4,8 V via USB; 5,3 V via external supply
  • Interface data: port depending on PC configuration;
    programming via standard USB cable A-B (USB 2.0)

Scope of supply:

  • 1x PCB myMultiProg MK3, already SMD equipped
    with 7 different coding plugs and 2 coding plugs for costumer's usage
  • 1x ZIF socket
  • 1x 62 pin socket for coding plug
  • 2x 10 pin female connector
  • 4x feets for the board

  • the USB programmer is not included in scope of supply


myMultiProg MK3 PLUS, assembly kit
The universal programmer for AVR Controller in DIF-housing
  • ZIF-socket
  • 7 controller-specific coding plugs
  • 2 free coding plugs
list price: 39.95 Euro

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