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mySmartLab (PC-osci-extension), assembly kit

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From programmer to oscilloscope or logic analyzer

mySmartLab is an extension board for the mySmartUSB. With it you can use the mySmartUSB for capturing digital and analogue data. The extension board has the typical myAVR programmer slot and connections for measuring lines.
With the help of the program mySmartLab.exe you can exchange the firmware, so you can capture data with functions similar to a basic oscilloscope and logic analyzer. mySmartLab.exe is freeware.


  • Capturing up to 6 digital measured values
  • Capturing one analogue measured value
  • Measuring up to 48 V
  • up to 10.000 samples per second
  • programmer attachable
  • simple handling
The digital and analogue channels offer protective elements to protect the mySmartUSB programmer from over-voltage.

mySmartLab with USB programmer

Technical and mechanic data:

  • Sample rate: 10 kHz
  • Operating current: max. 48 mA
  • Operating voltage: max. 48 V
  • Dimensions: ca. 90 x 30 x 30 mm
  • Weight: ca. 10 g

Scope of supply:

  • PCB mySmartLab, completely SMD equipped
  • 1 terminal strip
  • 2 female connectors, 10-pin, angulated
  • 4 feets for the board

  • Note: mySmartUSB is not included in scope of supply
mySmartLab (PC-osci-extension), assembly kit
Extension circuit to mySmartUSB MK2
The programmer can be changed by firmware on the functions of an oscilloscope and logic analyzer
  • programmer attachable
  • Capturing up to 6 digital measured values
  • Capturing one analogue measured value
  • Measuring up to 48 V
list price: 9.95 Euro

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