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myAVR Stamp 256K PLUS (SMD equipped)

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With the myAVR Stamp, microcontroller solutions can be developed and tested in the MK3 environment. The myAVR Stamp is designed as a plug-in daughter board and can therefore be installed into a desired target system as a finished embedded controller after a successful test. It has a JTAG, ISP and Mini USB port for communication and programming. With the Micro SD card holder, additional applications are available.


  • SMD construction
  • MicroSD card holder
  • Mini USB connection
  • ATmega2560
    • AVR 8-Bit Microcontroller
    • Case: TQFP-100
    • until 16 MHz
    • Operatin voltage: 1,8 - 5,5 V
    • Flash: 256 KByte, 10.000 times reprogrammable
    • EEPROM: 4 KByte, 100.000 times reprogrammable
    • RAM: 8 KByte
    • I/O lines: 86
    • Two 8-bit-Timer / Counter
    • Four 16-bit-Timer / Counter
    • Four 8-bit PWM (pulse with modulator)
    • 12 PWM lines with 2-16 Bit
    • 16 10-bit analog digital converter
    • 4 serial interfaces RS232, byte orientated
    • SPI interface
    • TWI (I²C)
    • 6 sleep modes
    • JTAG interface
  • with preinstalled bootloader
  • USB connection happens via standard IC (CP2102 onboard) and provides PC-sided a comport for the data communication


  • compact and functional microcontroller modul
  • with standard USB interface and microSD card holder
  • no annoying SMD soldering is necessary!
  • 5 V power supply, optional via
    • USB connection
    • the bootloader
    • the JTAG- / ISP interface or
    • via the board on which is the stamp
  • Industrial standard controller (CP2102 onboard)
  • Programming is possible via
    • USB and the bootloader or
    • JTAG and ISP
  • The installed bootloader makes a firmware update possible via the USB connection => no programmer is necessary!
  • Dimensions: 38 x 44 x 6 mm

Example of use:

You can use the microSD card as bulk memory or for data communication with other systems (e.g. the PC).
With it you can manage and work with websites, graphics, pictures, texts and many more.


Underneath of the myAVR Stamp256 PLUS there are 2 female connectors to install the stamp in other systems. Through the plug connection (female connector and multi-pin connector) you can install the stamp anywhere in other systems.
The multi-pin connectors which are suitable for the stamp are not in the scope of supply. You can also buy them here separately.

multi-pin connectors 2x30, RM 1,27
There is not a microSD-card in the scope of supply. You can buy it here.

To take off the myAVR Stamp256 PLUS from a board we recommend the Stamp-Lifter. This make the take off easier without making damages on the board.

For the programming via ISP you need an ISP cable: We recommend
ISP Connect Kit 10/ 6 pole
For programming use only the ISP-cable 6-pole.

ISP Connect Kit 10 / 6 pole

myAVR Stamp 256K PLUS (SMD equipped)
powerfull 100-pin controllerStamp with USB interface and SD-card-slot
  • ATmega2650
  • pre-installed bootloader
  • mini USB-interface
  • micro SD-card slot
  • SMD equipped
list price: 64.00 Euro

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myAVR Board MK3 64K
to programming the Stamp

ISP Connect Kit 10 / 6 pole
for programming via ISP

multi-pin connector 2x30 mm

microSD-card 2 GB with adapter and case



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