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myEthernet 64k, equipped

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  • 10 MegaBit Ethernet with ENC28J60 of Microchip
  • ATmega644P 20 MHz with pre installed web server
  • IP-address, port, websites and much more configurable
  • 64 K FLASH
  • 4 KByte SRAM
  • 2 KByte EEPROM
  • MicroSD-card slot
  • Ethernet socket with repeater
  • SP-connection 10-pole
  • TWI / UART / SPI-interface
  • Until 22 digital I/O
  • 8 analogue inputs
  • 2 PWM outputs
  • Extension socket of myAVR standard
  • Quality printed board FR4, industrial production, sturdy

More information and examples on:

Click on the picture,
for start the video


  • extrem compact network solution, with that you can realise an embedded web server
  • visualize measured data by a browser and control it via your ethernet
  • size: only 90 x 30 x 15 mm => very small and compact
    (a matchbox is 52 x 37 x 15 mm)
  • The module has an own mac address
  • there are 2 kinds like the myEthernet can be used:
    • as an interface between one micro-controller and the network or
    • it can adopt measured and control tasks
  • in the network it's achievable via the IP address
  • websites respectively user interface can be stored and called at the myEthernet
    => This enables an remote servicing of systems (e. g. via a web-interface), because the myEthernet and the micro-controller can connect every arbitrary pc with a ethernet-interface
  • application of the myEthernet module:
    • as add-on for the myAVR boards
    • separate
    • extensible by a autonomous power supply
  • firmware is already installed and can administrate SD-cards with a FAT-filesystem up to 2 GB
  • We recommend to use an external power supply for the myEthernet (e.g. the PowerKit V5), because if you don't use an external power supply you can have problems with the microSD-card.
  • microSD-card:
    • is include at the scope of supply
    • can be used to save or exchange data with other systems
    • can handle and work with graphics, texts, pictures, websites and so much more
    • websites which are on it are trilingual in german, english and french and include first steps with the myEthernet, application examples, configuration of the myEthernet and much more.
    • own websites can prepared on it respectively save of data and images

at the microSD-card included websites:

Welcome display on the microSD-card with adapter
With the navigation on the left side you get explained first steps with the myEthernet.
Application field
A lot of cases of application in which you can use the myEthernet will be explained on the microSD-card, e.g.
  • In connection with the myAVR Board MK2 USB
  • With the myTWI temperature sensor
  • Status LED
  • LED matrix
Recall the status
Under "Status" you can recall the actually pin status of the myEthernet.
Under "Konfiguration" (means configuration) you can adjust the pins and the web server.
Technical documentation
On the microSD-card there are also technical descriptions. The properties of the myEthernet will be explained in this documents. For example:
  • Hardware (product description, product properties)
  • Functions (interfaces / protocols, circuit diagram and construction)
  • Pins
  • ISP
  • UART
  • and many more
The myEthernet web server
The myEthernet web server will be explained in the category "Technische Dokumente"
(means technical documents). For example settings (which address has the web server in the network), replacement (analysis which are possible with the myEthernet), commands (instruction for the microcontroller in the myEthernet)

multiple use of the myEthernets at the equal network

myEthernet connect with the PC

Scope of supply:

  • myEtherent 64K, equipped
  • Multi-pin connector and female connector separately
    (not soldered on, necessary for the installation in other target systems or with other myAVR-products)
  • microSD-card (ready for use)


The myEthernet can also be installed in other target systems or combine with other myAVR-products. Therefore the multi-pin connector and female connector are necessary. Both are included in the scope of supply but not soldered on.

You will find them also in our german shop in the category "Bauelemente und Controller".

multi-pin connector

female connector
The PowerKit V5 is a power supply unit which is complete populated. It's the perfect accessory for the myEthernet. The PowerKit V5 has a suitable connection for the myAVR power supply.

We create an example page for the myEthernet to show examples for the using of it. But there is also a tutorial which explains the first steps and the starting of the myEthernet. You can also join in and send us your experiments and suggestions.

myEthernet 64k, equipped
The myEthernet with the ATmega644P!
  • extrem compact network solution for an embedded web server
  • Monitoring and control via network
  • Web design via HTML on a MicroSD card
list price: 14.95 Euro list price: 39.00 Euro

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