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mySmartControl MK3

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mySmartControl MK3

price: 67.00 Euro

mySmartControl MK3: compact ... efficient ... with grafic-display
a controller board of the upper AVR performance class!

mySmartControl MK3 is a compact controller board of the upper AVR performance class, equipped with grafic-display, different input and output devices and also myAVR standard interface. So it is an additional or alternative solution to our education and developing board myAVR Board MK3 and is maximal compatible to this board.
The programming of the mySmartControl MK3 is possible with a myAVR Stamp or a myAVR Board MK3. The programming of a myAVR Stamp is possible via pre-installed bootloader, by ISP or with a myAVR Board MK3. The power supply takes place over USB or a separate connection. An external power supply should be between 6 V and 12 V. In order to perform control tasks the module has a 20-pin extension connection as myAVR standard connection and further more capabilities of connecting. The communication with the PC runs completely transparent over a virtual COM-Port.
It is small in size and yet multifunctional. It can be used in small-sized systems as well as in professional applications. mySmartControl MK3 provides many possibilities for use and different options for equipping. The structure of the board is stable.


  • AVR RISC controller board, suitable for
    • myAVR Stamp 64 K
    • myAVR Stamp 256 K PLUS
    • myAVR Stamp 64 K PLUS (no longer part of our shop)
    • myAVR Stamp 256 K (no longer part of our shop)
  • industrial standard-controller (CP2102) from SiLabs
  • communication between Controller and PC by USB-interface,
    provides a virtual COM port in the PC
  • optional ISP-connector with 6 pin Atmel standard configuration
    as well as JTAG-connector with 10 pin Atmel standard configuration
  • fast „in system“ programming alternatively over ISP
    or , only PLUS version, via USB and bootloader
  • quartz for accurate timing
  • power supply via USB
  • connection for external power supply 6-12 V
  • integrated voltage regulation
  • extension connection with 18 free available pins, as well as VCC and GND
  • equipped and mounted

exsample of use:
with myEthernet,
myTWI real time clock and myTWI temperature sensor



Click on the icon
to start the video

Input and output devices:

  • 3 button
  • 1 reset-button
  • 1 joystick
  • 2 potentiometer
  • 1 grafik LCD 64x128 with background illumination, resolution of 128 x 64 pixel
  • 1 power LED
  • 8 signal LED
  • 1 speaker

Scope of supply:

mySmartControl MK3, equipped

Please note:
There is no myAVR Stamp in the scope of supply!
Choose an appropriate myAVR Stamp

myAVR Stamp - nicht im Lieferumfang

mySmartControl MK3
Compact controler board of the upper AVR performance class
  • Powerful platform for the myAVR Stamp
  • graphic display
  • input and output devices
  • myAVR standard interface
  • maximum capacity to the myAVR Board MK3
list price: 67.00 Euro

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myAVR power supply unit

Female connector 20pole, single-row, angulate

multi-pin connector 2x30, RM 1,27

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myAVR Board MK3

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Controller board


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