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myAVR Board light, equipped

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myAVR Board light, equipped

myAVR Board light, equipped

price: 19.95 Euro

Get into the fascinating world of microcontrollers with the myAVR board!

The myAVR Board light is ideal for the small purse of pupils, students or trainees and therefore does without any comfort of the myAVR Board MK2 and MK3 series. It contains all the necessary elements for learning with the board.
The holes in the board are precisely adapted for patching, which replaces the baseboards.


  • Analog photo sensor for experimenting with different brightness levels
  • mini USB port
  • Raster for flexible application (2.54 mm)
  • optional connection via ISP
  • incl. ATmega8
  • 3 miniature push buttons
  • 2 potentiometers
  • 1 speaker
  • 3 LEDs (red, green, yellow)


  • recommended for those who like to tinker and experiment with software
  • low cost, optimal for students, trainees
  • enormous learning effect due to didactic structure
  • easy handling
  • with pre-installed myAVR bootloader (myAVR Progtool)
  • Programmable in assembler, C/C++ and BASCOM through an optional ISP connector
  • .
  • power supply via USB
  • with ATmega8
    • 8 kByte flash program memory
    • 512 bytes EEPROM (100,000 read/write cycles)
    • 1K bytes internal SRAM
    • 2x 8 bit timer/counter
    • 1x 16 bit timer/counter
    • 6x analog-to-digital converter channels
    • 23 digital inputs/outputs

  • Drivers are available for
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOS
    => USB driver for myAVR products.

    => more drivers can be downloaded from download.

Scope of supply:

  • Board, assembled
    • 1 processor ATmega8
    • 1 green LED 2 mA
    • 1 yellow LED 2 mA
    • 1 red LED 2 mA
    • 1 photoresistor
    • 2 potentiometers
    • 2 plug-in axles
    • 2 miniature pushbuttons 9.5 mm
    • 1 piezo transducer
    • 1 female connector
  • 4 feet for boards
  • multicolor switch wire for patch cables
  • with pre-installed myAVR bootloader (myAVR Progtool)

Supported controllers:

  • ATmega8/48/88/168/328
  • ATtiny48/88

myAVR Board light, equipped
Well priced!!
Learning and experimenting board with push button, potentiometer, speaker, LEDs. Ideal for beginners.
list price: 19.95 Euro


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