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price: 89.00 Euro
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Up version 2079 of BASCOM AVR is also the mySmartUSB light supported!


  • the original Windows BASIC Compiler for AVR family
  • can be used with Windows XP ... Windows 10
  • supports 32- and 64-bit operating systems

Programming needs only a few steps:

  • write program in BASIC
  • compile into fast machine code
  • testing with the integrated simulator
  • programming the µControllers with the integrated programmer


  • structured programming via IF-THEN-ELSE-END IF, DO-LOOP, WHILE-WEND, SELECT- CASE.
  • Identifier with up to 32 characters
  • supported Bit, Byte, Integer, Word, Long, Single, Double and String variables
  • many built-in trigonometric functions, date and time calculation
  • special commands for LCD, Grafik-LCD, TWI (I²C) and 1WIRE µController, UART, SPI,....
  • compiled programs are working on all AVR µControllern
  • syntax highlighting
  • integrated terminals with download option
  • integrated simulator for testing
  • context help
Note: The interface of the software is in English.
You can find a detailed / full list of supported commands by MCS ELECTRONICS

compatible Programmer (selection)

  • myAVR MKII/AVR910
  • mySmartUSB light (ab Version 2079)
  • STK500,STK600
  • JTAG
  • Arduino
  • USB-ISP Programmer
  • MCS USB Programmer
  • ...

Info to delivery:

BASCOM-AVR will be delivered as CD. On the CD there is a serial number. Within one year of purchase of the software you should have registered with MCS ELECTRONICS then enjoy free updates.
For support for this product please contact the manufacturer MCS ELECTRONICS in English.
If you want an article with similar task and support in German, then please choose our SiSy Microcontroller++.
Original Windows BASIC COMPILER for the AVR family.
  • for windows XP ... Windows 10
  • structured programming
  • integrated special task
  • support numeros programmer
  • Help task
list price: 89.00 Euro

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