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The developer board STM32F4-Discovery of the STM-processor family -
an alternative to the ATMEL-processors

STM32 Releasing your creativity

The STM32F4-Discovery helps you, to find out the functions of STM32F4 and it make applications easily to develop. For beginner and advanced it enables a fast induction at the ARM technology.
The STM32F4-Discovery used the ARM Cortex M4 controller STM32F407VGT6 and includes embedded an ST-Link/V2 for the programming and debugging, an 3 axes acceleration sensor, a digital microphone, an audio-DAC and an USB micro-USB-connection.


  • Microcontroller STM32F407VGT6 in the LQFP100 case with
    • 32 Bit ARM Cortex-M4F Kern
    • 1 MByte Flash
    • 192 KByte RAM
  • LIS302DL: ST MEMS 3 axes acceleration sensor
  • MP45DT02: ST MEMS omnidirectional digital microphone
  • CS43L22: audio digital-analog-converter with integrated amplifier
  • 8 LEDs
    • 1 for USB communication
    • 1 Power-LED for 3,3 V
    • 4 LEDs for the operator
    • 2 LEDs for USB on-the-go
  • 2 buttons
    • 1 for reset
    • 1 free used for the operator
  • onboard programmer


  • On the board is a ST-Link/V2 for the programming and debugging.
    The board can use a ST-Link/V2 for the programming and debugging of external microcontroller with help of a jumper (via SWD-connection)
  • Power supply of the board via USB or over 5V external
  • 3V and 5V to use for the external periphery
  • Connection with external hardware via USB with a micro-USB-cable
  • All microcontroller-pins are conducted outside over multi-pin connectors

Examples of application

  • Using the position sensor as computer mouse
  • Audioplayer
  • Connecting and reading of USB Sticks
  • Record of audio data
  • Communication with PC
  • gathering analog data
  • saving data on a SD-card
A big quantity of free available, ready executable examples plus the original-data sheet of the manufacturer are on available.
system requirements for Discovery-board
  • PC with Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Mini USB-cable

Recommendation of software

Please Attention that SiSy Microcontroller++ is only in German.
The substantial range of function of this board is optimally supported by SiSy Microcontroller++ for the development of own program. SiSy Microcontroller++ is a software package for designing, writing, dating, burning and checking the self developed program. There are features of an easy development for programming available and its possible to work with UML. The own work will be optimized with a sample program and integrated facilities.
Here you can find continuing information about SiSy Microcontroller++.
The developer board of the STM-processor family with
  • high-performance F4-processor,
  • mini USB and micro USB interface,
  • 3 axes acceleration sensor,
  • omnidirectional digital microphone,
  • LEDs and button,
  • onboard programmer.
list price: 39.95 Euro

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