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myAVR Board MK2 PLUS, assembly kit

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myAVR Board MK2 PLUS, assembly kit

The board for education and individual experiments with highquality text-LCD,
for self construction

    myAVR Board MK2, assembly kit
    • board for education and individual experiments with ATMEL microcontrollers (ATmega8 / 48 / 88 / 168 / 328)
    • programming and communication with separate USB programmer “mySmartUSB MK2”,
      also useable for other target systems   -   all SMD components are equipped
    • ATmega8 with preinstalled test programs
    • typical in- and outputdevices (button, potentiometer, LED, buzzer, etc.)
    • expansion connector for additional Add-Ons
    • analog photosensor for experiments with different brightness value
    • now with more functions!
      • ISP-interface onboard
      • highpos LED
      • infrared-interface for receiver and transmitter
    • structured with didactically aspects
    myAVR LCD Add-On, assembly
    • LCD with 2 lines per 16 characters for text output
    • with backlight
    • with contrast control
    • with connections for myAVR Boards and for following Add-Ons


    myAVR Board MK2, assembly
  • power supply with USB or extern
  • programming with Assembler, C/C++ and BASCOM
  • Crystal with 3.6864 MHz
  • ATmega8 with
    • 8 kByte Flash
    • 512 Bytes EEPROM (100.000 write/read cycles)
    • 1K Byte intern SRAM
    • 2x 8 Bit Timer/Counter
    • 1x 16 Bit Timer/Counter
    • 6x analog-digital-converter channels
    • Real Time Counter
    • 23 digital in-/outputs
  • ISP-interface
  • infrared-interface
    myAVR LCD Add-On, assembly
  • high quality LC-Display (2 lines, 16 characters per lines)
  • operating voltage: typical 4.8 - 5.3 V
  • backlight
    • adjustable via software from controller
    • switchable via jumper
  • LCD with contrast control
  • Jumper for the setting of the R/W-signal


USB-Programmer mySmartUSB MK2
(integrated on myAVR Board MK2)

Scope of supply:

  • myAVR Board MK2, assembly    [show / shut down]

  • myAVR LCD Add-On, assembly    [show / shut down]

You can find a general view of our programmers here:
You can find a general view of our development boards here:

myAVR Board MK2 PLUS, assembly kit
Developerboard myAVR Board MK2 for ATMEL microcontroller and
myAVR LCD Add-On - as assembly kit
  • programming by removeable daughterboard mySmartUSB MK2
  • typical in- and outputdevices
  • Infrared interface for receiver and transmitter
  • LC display with 2x16 characters
  • background illumination
  • contrast control
list price: 49.95 Euro

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for the optional infrared-interface


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