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The Accessories are "Helpers", which support the work with myMCU products; e.g. realize connections, protect boards from scratches, solder self-assembly kits, etc.


Article Price / piece Quantity
myAVR Solder set  DE EN  14.95 Euro
Solder set with many conponents
  • soldering gun
  • tin solder
  • desoldering pump
  • Replacement tips
  • etc
microSD-card 2GB with adapter and case  DE EN  6.49 Euro
For use as bulk storage or data exchange with other systems.  
microSD card reader  DE EN  3.95 Euro
USB adapter to read and write microSD-cards without an extra adapter for the card needed.  
Stamp-Lifter   DE EN  2.90 Euro
Claw to take off the stamps of other boards 
Feet of boards  DE EN  0.45 Euro
A clean machine! The feet of boards are used to protect against scratches and are quickly and easily installed.  
PowerKit V5, equipped   DE EN  4.95 Euro
Complete assembled power supply unit for the myEthernet.  
myAVR power supply unit  DE EN  6.95 Euro
for the myAVR Board, stabilised, short-circuit-proof  
mySTM patch cable  DE EN  6.95 Euro
unsorted 20 coloured patch cable, made from wire, finished with female plugs  
cable mini USB   DE EN  3.90 Euro
USB cable suitable for the myAVR Board MK3 256 PLUS, the myAVR Stamp256 PLUS, myAVR Stamp64 PLUS and also myAVR Board light. 
micro USB-cable  DE EN  3.90 Euro
micro USB-cable suitable for STM32- and XMC-boards  
USB cable  DE EN  3.90 Euro
A USB cable A-B, ca. 1,80 m. 
USB extension cable  DE EN  3.90 Euro
USB 2.0 extension A/a, 1,80 m long, ideal e.g. when you want to connect the mySmartUSB light with the PC.  
ISP Connect Kit 10/6 pole  DE EN  7.20 Euro
Universal solution for the in-system-programming. With flat cable, plug and adapter.  
Precision Screwdriver Set  DE EN  2.25 Euro
6 pcs, Slot-driver and Cross Slot-driver 

All prices included with VAT of 19% or 7%.

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