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The myXMC hardware is extended with this add-ons, if the hardware has a myMCU standard connector (female connector 20 pole). The connector between hardware and add-on will be realized by multi-pin connector.
Some add-ons you can also buy as assembly kit.


Article Price / piece Quantity
C/C++ reference sheet XMC  DE EN  2.50 Euro
reference sheet for programming XMC controller with C/C++
  • in full color and laminated
  • based on XMC4500 Relax Lite Kit
  • class overview XMC C++ framework (essential)
myXMC BoardToGo, assembly kit  DE EN  9.95 Euro
Add-On to the developer board XMC 2Go from Infineon,
as assembly kit
  • Interface for XMC 2Go
  • Interface for myAVR products
  • typical input and output devices
  • optional IR interface
Infrared receiver(TSOP38238)  DE EN  1.85 Euro
Infrared receiver for own circuit
  • wavelength max.: 950 nm
  • supply voltage: 2,5 ... 5,5 V
  • supply voltage: 38 kHz
  • frequency response: max. 45 m
Infrared emitter diode (TSUS4300) and resistor  DE EN  0.55 Euro
Infrared emitter diode with series resistor
  • Peak wavelength: 950 nm
  • forward voltage: 1,3 ... 2,2 V
  • switching times: 800 ns by 100 mA; 400 ns by 1,5 A
myTouch LCD Add-On 320x240; v.2  DE EN  33.00 Euro
Color Grafic Touch LCD for myAVR-, mySTM- and myXMC-boards or own projects - ready for connection
  • display controller: SSD1289
  • 320x240 pixel, QVGA
  • color depth: 65 K
  • SD-card slot
  • myMCU standard connector
myTouchOne Modul V.2 - Color Graphic Touch LCD  DE EN  21.30 Euro
Color Graphic Touch LCD as Add-On for own projects
  • display controller: ILI9341
  • 320x240 pixel
  • color depth:65 K
  • SD-card slot
GraphicLCD Add-On 128x64  DE EN  24.95 Euro
Graphic LCD for visualization of outputs for graphics and text
  • 128 x 64 pixel
  • pixel size: 0.33 x 0.33 mm
  • Display black/white with backlight
  • myMCU standard connection
GraphicLCD Add-On 128x64, assembly kit  DE EN  19.95 Euro
Graphic LCD for visualization of outputs for graphics and text
  • 128 x 64 pixel
  • pixel size: 0.33 x 0.33 mm
  • Display black/white with backlight
  • myMCU standard connection
  • assembly kit
Graphic LCD 128x64, module  DE EN  14.95 Euro
Graphic lcd, 128x64 of the company Displaytech Ltd. with white background illumination
  • 128 x 64 pixel
  • pixel size: 0.33 x 0.33 mm
myColorLED Add-On  DE EN  15.95 Euro
Modern development board for lighting applications with LED technology
  • 1 LED RGB
  • 1 LED white
  • 4 PWM compatible channels
  • connector for stripe
  • myMCU standard connector
myTWI PortExpander 3V / 5V  DE EN  9.95 Euro
Universal TWI port extension
  • 2 additional I/O ports for a total of 16 pins
  • multi-pin and female connector to connect more modules
myTWI add-on eeprom, equipped 3V / 5V  DE EN  9.95 Euro
  • extension for myAVR boards
  • EEPROM 24C02
  • pullup resistors can be activated by jumper
  • 3 ardess jumper
myTWI add-on temperature sensor, equipped 3V / 5V  DE EN  9.95 Euro
I²C (TWI) temperature sensor
  • extension for myAVR boards
  • temperature sensor LM75
  • 3 additional address jumpers
  • additional hysteresis output
my7-segment add-on, assembly kit  DE EN  19.95 Euro
Module to display the characters from 0 to 9
  • six 7-segment-displays
  • segments separatly controlled
  • myMCU standard connector
mySTM patch cable  DE EN  6.95 Euro
unsorted 20 coloured patch cable, made from wire, finished with female plugs  
multi-pin connector 2x20, grid dim. 2.54  DE EN  1.25 Euro
double row multi-pin connector with different pin length on both sides 

All prices included with VAT of 19% or 7%.

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