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DL55: Project USB-SP12-Programmer
The USB-SP12-programmer is an adapter to the USB programmer "mySmartUSB MK2", with help of this you can communicate with an SP12 compatible parallel programmer by USB.
available files:
DL33: Project USB-RS232-Bridge
The USB-RS232-bridge is an adapter to the mySmartUSB MK2. With help of this you can extend your computer at a serial interface (Com-Port, RS232) or rather you can communicate with a RS232-device about a USB-interface.
available files:
Size: 660KB
DL111: Technical description and assembly instruction for externPowerKit
With the "externPowerKit" you can equip an available PCB for the power supply. This document contains the bill of material, the ciruit diagramm, technical data and details for the equipment.
available files:
DL184: Circuit diagram to externPowerKit
The Circuit diagram in a png-file
available files:
DL100: Product description myAVR Board MK2
The myAVR Board MK2 USB is equipped with a RISC AVR microcontroller (ATmega8) from ATMEL. An USB programmer and a communication-port are integrated on the board. The intended controllers for the board belong to the MEGA-AVRs. You can connect Add-Ons to the myAVR Board over a pin header.
The system is designed after didactic principles for educational use and private study
available files:
DL39: Technical description myAVR Board MK2, version 2.2
The myAVR Board MK2 is equipped with a RISC AVR-microcontroller (ATmega8) from ATMEL. An USB programmer and a communication-port are integrated on the board. The system is designed for education and private study.
The description contains a general description to the board, technical and mechanical data, circuit diagram, assembly diagram and notes for the optional placement.
available files:
DL300: optioal infrared placement
Description: +
For selected system boards of myAVR- and myXMC product line there is an optional interface for infrared receivers and transmitters. This interface i...
available files:
DL37: Assembly instruction myAVR Board MK2, version 2.2
With the help of this documents it`s really simple to assemble your myAVR Board MK2. You will find in both instructions an assemply diagram. Additional, in the detailed version you find the circuit diagram and a example for equipping.
In the Boardtest worksheet, you will find a list to check the functionality of the board.
DL141: archive myAVR Board MK2, version 2.0 and version 2.10
in this zip-archive there are documentation from the myAVR Board MK2, version 2.0 (
and myAVR Board MK2, version 2.10 (
This documentation consists of: product description, technical description, assembly instruction, circuit diagram and worksheet to test the board.
The myAVR Board MK2, version 2.0 are replaced by the version 2.1 with photo senor.
available files:
DL309: product description for the USB programmer mySmartUSB MK2b
The mySmartUSB MK2b is a compact AVR910/9117STK500 USB programmer and communication interface for AVR-microcontrollers. With this programmer you can program a huge number of AVR systems or communicate with them via an UART-USB-bridge.
available files:
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