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Temperature sensor LM75 on DIP8

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Temperature sensor LM75 on DIP8

price: 4.80 Euro
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The LM75 is a digital, serial programmable temperature sensor.
The communication with the LM75 happens over a 2-wire-bus (TWI/I²C), which is compatible with the industrial standard protocols. This allows you to read the current temperature, to program the given value and hysteresis as well as the configuration of the device.

The INT / CMPTR output is programmable as simple comparator for a thermostat application or as temperature-interrupt-event. If the ambient temperature exceeds a user-programmed setpoint, then the host controller is informed. The hysteresis is also programmable.

The LM75 is raised in a comparator mode with a setpoint of 80° C and 5° C hysteresis. Default values allow the operation as an independent stand-alone thermostat. A shut down command is send over a 2-wire-bus to activate the stand-by-mode.
Address inputs allow until 8 LM75 which are using the same 2-wire-bus for the multi-zone-observation.
All registers can be read by the host. The INT/CMPTR-polarity is programmable through the user. Because of his small physically size, the low installation costs and the easy using the LM75 is the ideal choice for the implementation of simple and sophisticated systems.


  • Temperature accuracy: 0,5°C
  • Temperature: -55°C bis +125°C
  • Operating range: 2,7 V - 5,5 V
  • Programmable trip point and hysteresis with given values during boot
  • Serial standard 2-wire-bus-interface (TWI / I²C)
  • Thermal alarm through an interrupt or a comparator / thermostat
  • Until 8 LM75 can use the same bus
  • Shutdown mode for a low standby power consumption
  • 5 V tolerant I/O on VDD = 3V
  • Low power consumption 250 µA (typical), 1 µA in the standby mode

Typical applications

  • Thermal protection for High-performance CPUs
  • As a solid thermometer
  • Fire-, heat alarm
  • Thermal monitoring in electrical systems (computer, power supply unit)
  • Copier / office elektronics
  • Home electronic
  • Process monitoring

Temperature sensor LM75 on DIP8
Complete painted temperature sensor on DIP8 with condenser, suitable for the myTWI temperature sensor.
list price: 4.80 Euro

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