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Article Price / piece Quantity
mySmartUSB light - AVR ISP programmer  DE EN  15.95 Euro
The cheap ISP programmer in USB stick design.
  • Fast because of the double buffer and auto-ISP-speed
  • Compatible with SiSy AVR, myAVR Workpad, BASCOM, AVRStudio, CodeVision etc.
myXMC4500 Board PLUS  DE EN  59.95 Euro
myXMC-Board-4500 (equipped) with XMC Relax Lite Kit and USBtoUART
  • XMC4500 mikrocontroller
  • variable supply voltage
  • micro USB Interface
  • detachable on-board debugger
  • Interface for myAVR products
  • Input and output devices
  • USB UART bridge
  • free user-pins
  • grind: 2.54 mm
myXMC BoardToGo PLUS  DE EN  19.95 Euro
Developer board myXMC BoardToGo with the board XMC 2Go from Infineon
  • XMC1100 microcontroller
  • USB-UART bridge
  • micro USB interface
  • typicalinput and output devices
  • Interface to myAVR products
  • optional IR Interface
mySTM32 F4 Discovery PLUS  DE EN  59.95 Euro
The board STM32F4-Discovery and mySTM32-Board-F4D (equipped) with myUSBtoUART
  • high-performance F4-processor
  • onboard programmer
  • mini USB and micro UBS interface
  • 3 axes acceleration sensor, omnidirectional digital microphone
  • In- and output devices
  • grind: 2.54 mm
  • USB-UART-bridge
  • Interface for myAVR products
mySmartUSB MK2 (Programmer und Bridge)  DE EN  28.00 Euro
The future-proof solution for ISP-Programming and data communication via UART, TWI, I²C or SPI
  • without an external power supply
  • very fast data communication and programming speed
  • protocols: AVR910/11, STK500v2, myMode
myAVR Board light PLUS, assembly kit  DE EN  29.95 Euro
reasonably priced!
learn and experimenting board to equip and solder by yourself, and also the assembly kit for the myAVR LCD Add-On
  • connection via mini-USB, optional via ISP
  • ATmega8
  • In- and output devices
  • grid: 2.54mm
  • LC-display with 2x16 characters
  • background illumination
  • contrast control

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