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myAVR Board MK2, equipped

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The easy start in the world of mikrocontroller-programming
with the myAVR Board MK2!

The myAVR Board MK2 is a developer board for AVR-Controller-Programming. This board is for the beginner. The connection between the board and a PC is possible via USB cabel. The programming and communication of the Controller are realized by USB port. Input, output devices and ports are equipped with socket connectors. It enables connections with Patch cables.

We develop a test program, which includes many functions. It is necessary to connect the Input and output devices with the ports of the myAVR Board MK2 like the description in the test program. With our german software SiSy AVR as well as
SiSy Microcontroller++ (Full Version or Demo Version), you can burn this test program to the myAVR Board MK2. Please notice that SiSy is a german development environment.


  • board for education and individual experiments with ATMEL microcontrollers
    • ATmega series (8/48/88/168/328)
    • ATtiny series (48/88)
  • USB port
  • programming and communication via USB interface
  • voltage supply via USB or extern
  • integrated USB-Programmer mySmartUSB MK2
  • Crystal with 3.6 MHz
  • ATmega8A, properties   [show / shut down]
  • ISP interface onboard
  • infrared-interface optional
  • easy handling, no special cables needed
  • designed as IPO-model (input, process, output)


  • complete fitted myAVR Board MK2 with RISC AVR-microcontroller ATmega8
  • ATmega8 with pre-installed test program
  • integrated USB-Programmer mySmartUSB MK2 with communications interface
    • Programmer and UART-Bridge
    • ISP-Interface
    • datatransmission by UART, TWI (I²C) or SPI without extern voltage supply
    • updates via Bootloader, e.g. for support new processors or commands
    • with industry standard-controller (CP2102) USB to serial converter
    • Power On and Power Off switchable by the user
    • provided virtual COM-Port
    • construction as daughter board, therefore individual applicable e.g. for
    •    → programming other AVR-systems with ISP-connection
         → realisation a USB-parallel-interface
         → realisation a USB-serial-interface (UART = COM = RS232)
         → USB-TWI / I²C-Bridge
         → etc.
  • analog and digital in- and output devices, e.g.
    • potentiometer
    • button
    • photosensor
    • frequency converter
    • LEDs
    • highpos LED
  • optional infrared-interface for receiver and transmitter
  • socket connector for connect more Add-Ons

USB-Programmer mySmartUSB MK2
(integrated on myAVR Board MK2)
technical and mechanical data:
  • supply voltage: 9 - 12 V
  • operating current: 10-50 mA typical without more electronic user
  • operating voltage: 3.3 - 5.3 V
  • operating temperatur: 0 - 30 ° C
  • dimensons: 90 x 90 x 18 mm
  • grid dimension: 2.54 mm
supported controller series:
  • ATmega8 / 48 / 88 / 168 / 328
  • ATtiny48 / 88

Scope of supply

  • myAVR Board MK2 (complet fitted and checked)
  • removable intelligent USB-Programmer
the USB-Programmer mySmartUSB MK2 can used with these programming environment:
  • SiSy AVR (in GERMAN!)
  • SiSy Microcontroller++ (in GERMAN!)
  • myAVR Workpad (in GERMAN!)
  • Atmel Studio
For an easy application different functions is in our downloadarea free the mySmartUSB Terminal. With this program are some funktions realizable: mySmartUSB Terminal

You can find a general view of our programmers here:
You can find a general view of our development boards here:

myAVR Board MK2, equipped
Developerboard for ATMEL microcontroller
  • programming by removeable daughterboard mySmartUSB MK2
  • typical in- and outputdevices
  • with photo sensor
  • Infrared interface for receiver and transmitter
list price: 49.00 Euro

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