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Infrared emitter diode (TSUS4300) and resistor

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Infrared emitter diode (TSUS4300) and resistor

Infrared emitter diode (TSUS4300) and resistor

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Infrared emitter diode -  an infrared transmitter for own circuits

Working with infrared transmitters and receivers takes nowadays in a variety of applications, such as
  • remote control
  • TV set
  • data transmission
  • and much more
For selected system boards of myMCU products there is an optional interface for infrared receivers and transmitters. This interface is not equipped; they can be added individually and independently.
We recommend as a receiver the Infrared receiver (TSOP38238) and as a transmitter the infrared emitter diode with a series resitor 220 Ω, which is described here.
infrared receiver

properties emitter diode:

  • GaAs LED with high efficiency
  • Peak wavelength: λ p = 950 nm
  • forward current: 100 mA
  • current surge: 2 A
  • forward voltage: 1,3 V / 2,2 V
  • switching times: 800 ns bei 100 mA; 400 ns bei 1,5 A
  • Good spectral matching with Si photodetectors
  • high impulse capacity
  • high reliability
manufacturer's datasheet


  • 1x infrared emitter diode TSUS4300
  • 1x resistor 220 Ω (leaded resistor)
  • 2x SMD-resistors 220 Ω
For the use on myAVR products and myXMC products you need only the leaded resistor;
For the use on mySTM32 products you need only one SMD resistor.
One of the both design remains.
Infrared emitter diode (TSUS4300) and resistor
Infrared emitter diode with series resistor
  • Peak wavelength: 950 nm
  • forward voltage: 1,3 ... 2,2 V
  • switching times: 800 ns by 100 mA; 400 ns by 1,5 A
list price: 0.55 Euro

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