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myAVR Board MK3 256K PLUS, equipped

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myAVR Board MK3 - the developer board with many possibilities!

The myAVR Board MK3 is a powerful developer board. The extensive possibilities and great flexibility make this board ideal system for advanced AVR developer. Various components on the board have the option "Quick Connection"; i.e. they can be switch on by jumper or wired free when needed.
The high-speed programmer mySmartUSB MK3 works with high voltage parallel programming. This high-speed programmer is integrated as a daughterboard on the myAVR Board MK3 and can also be used separately in other target systems.
The myAVR Stamp is designed as a pluggable daughterboard. On it microcontroller solutions can be developed and tested in the MK3 environment. The so programmed myAVR Stamp can be integrated as a complete embedded controller in any target system. An additional mini USB port and a micro SD card holder expand the feature set of the myAVR Stamp.

For the myAVR Board MK3, we have developed a test program that tests many functions chronologically.
With SiSy AVR (german software) as well as SiSy Microcontroller++ (complete version or demo version) you can download the test program from SiSy LibStore and burn it on the myAVR Board MK3.



  • powerful development board for Atmel microcontrollers
  • programming via integrated high-speed USB programmer mySmartUSB MK3
  • programmable myAVR Stamp with a powerful 16 MHz 100-pin ATMEL AVR microcontroller
  • hardware components and connection options for development and testing of embedded systems
  • "Quick Connect" option
  • 5 V power supply
  • external power supply possible (interface for a power pack)
  • all pins can be individually connected to each other
  • 4 expansion ports
  • connection option for a myAVR Board MK1/MK2/light or mySmartControl MK2
  • compatible with other myAVR products


  • myAVR Board MK3,equipped - with test program
  • Separately insertable daughter boards
    • myAVR Stamp 256K PLUS
    • high-speed USB programmer
  • myAVR Stamp 256K PLUS
    • powerful ATmega2560;     properties   [show / hide]
    • ISP and JTAG connection
    • Mini-USB connection
    • microSD slot
    • industry standard controller CP2102
    • preinstalled bootloader allows a firmware update via USB connection
      => No additional programmer required!
  • mySmartUSB MK3
    • compact and powerfull high-speed AVR programmer
      and Communication interface
    • modi of programming: ISP, highvoltage parallel and serial, TPI, TPI highvoltage
    • selection of operating modes via software commands or mode buttons
    • switchable between programming, communication rest mode and myMode
    • USB Interface
    • ISP Interface
    • 3 V und 5 V option
    • possible communication by USB via UART, TWI (I²C) or SPI
    • firmware update practicable via preinstalled bootloader
    • can also be used with the myAVR Board MK2
    Input devices:
    • 3 taster
    • 8 DIP switches
    • Joystick
    • Light sensor

      Output devices:
    • Graphical LC-display
    • LED-line with 8 LEDs
    • Speaker
    • 7-segement-display
    • 3 LEDs

Principle circuit diagram
of the myAVR Board MK3 256 / PLUS:

For larger view click on the picture!

Strong connections of the
myAVR Board MK3 256 / PLUS:

For larger view click on the picture!

myAVR Board MK3 256 / PLUS components
with quick connect:

For larger view click on the picture!

External and strong connections of
the myAVR Board MK3 256 / PLUS:

For larger view click on the picture!

Scope of supply:

  • myAVR Board MK3 256K PLUS, equipped
  • inclusive myAVR Stamp 256K PLUS
  • inclusive high-speed USB programmer mySmartUSB MK3 (onboard)
  • stamp-lifter
  • 4 additional board feet to protect the board from scratching and other damages

Please Note:
Don't provide the board exclusively via USB voltage. The sum of user may lead to the insufficiently power of USB-Port. To connect an external voltage source is an accordingly prepared cable to use or an original myAVR power supply unit.
myAVR power supply unit
myAVR power supply unit
more information
There is a MicroSD card holder on the myAVR Stamp 256K PLUS. The microSD card can either be used as a mass storage device or for data exchange with other systems (for example, PC). There is no microSD-card in the delivery. You can buy it here extra.
microSD-card with adapter
To take off the Stamp 256K PLUS of the myAVR Board MK3 we recommend the Stamp-Lifter. This one make it easier to take off the stamp without making damages.
You need an ISP-cable, i.e. ISP Connect Kit 10 / 6pole for programming via ISP.
ISP Connect Kit 10 / 6pole

You can find a general view of our programmers here:
You can find a general view of our development boards here:

myAVR Board MK3 256K PLUS, equipped
First class AVR development board
  • high-speed USB programmer
  • 100-pin controller with pre-installed bootloader
  • grafic LC display
  • many input and output devices
  • microSD-card slot
  • extra mini USB connection
list price: 154.00 Euro


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