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mySmartUSB MK2 (Programmer und Bridge)

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mySmartUSB MK2 (Programmer und Bridge)

price: 28.00 Euro

mySmartUSB MK2b

USB programmer and communication interface for AVR microcontrollers

mySmartUSB MK2b is designed in SMD and can be used as a daughter board on other boards, e.g. on products of the MK2 series from myAVR without own power supply or individually as AVR910/AVR911/STK500/myMode compatible programmer. Communication with the PC is completely transparent via a virtual serial port. The board is connected to the PC via a USB interface and supplied with power. A large number of AVR systems can be programmed with this board via the existing USB interface and communicate with a system via a UART USB bridge.
The firmware can be updated for new controller types and protocols via a pre-installed boot loader. In addition, mySmartUSB MK2b can serve as a basis for other applications, such as a UART-USB or TWI-USB converter.

overview and functional diagram

mySmartUSB overview mySmartUSB functions


  • ISP-programmer with USB-connection and integrated communication interface
    • programming of AVR microcontrollers in the target system
    • set fuse and lock bits
    • establishing serial data transmission between microcontroller and computer
    • communication via UART, TWI, I²C
  • very simple and safe handling with ISP interface
    • controller does not need to be removed from the target environment for programming
    • no external power supply through a power supply unit or battery necessary
  • firmware according to AVR AN910/AN911 and STK500 programming standard
  • support of various 8-bit RISC processors with ISP interface of the AVR family
  • switchable between programming and communication mode
  • status display of the modes via LED
  • power on and off switchable by user
  • power supply of the target system can be provided via USB interface
    • can optionally take over the power supply of the target system from 3.3V or 5V and up to 80 mA
    • this voltage is sufficient for most test setups with simple input and output devices, no extra power supply such as power supply units or batteries required
  • updateable via integrated bootloader
  • Firmware with automatic step-down mode ( auto speed detect ) ⇒ possible reactivation of controllers that were clocked at frequencies below 1 MHz and could no longer be addressed at the standard ISP speed


  • in SMD-construction
  • ISP-port
  • USB-connection (mini USB)
  • industry standard-controller (CP2102)
  • quartz crystal 20 MHz
  • dimensions: 60 × 30 × 12 mm
  • grid dimension: 2.54 mm

technical data:

  • supply voltage: 5V via USB
  • operating current: 10 - 20 mA typical without other loads up to 100 mA if connected to target system
  • operating temperature: 0 °C - 30 °C
  • supported protocols: AVR910/11, STK500v2, myMode
  • supported programming method: ISP
  • supported controllers (excerpt):
    • AT90PWM3
    • AT90S1200
    • AT90S2313
    • AT90S2343
    • AT90S4414
    • AT90S4433
    • AT90S8515
    • AT90S8535
    • ATmega103
    • ATmega128
    • ATmega16
    • ATmega161
    • ATmega162
    • ATmega163
    • ATmega164P
    • ATmega168
    • ATmega169
    • ATmega32
    • ATmega324P
    • ATmega328P
    • ATmega329
    • ATmega3290
    • ATmega48
    • ATmega64
    • ATmega644
    • ATmega8
    • ATmega8515
    • ATmega8535
    • ATmega88
    • ATtiny12
    • ATtiny13
    • ATtiny15
    • ATtiny2313
    • ATtiny24
    • ATtiny25
    • ATtiny26
    • ATtiny44
    • ATtiny45
    • ATtiny84
    • ATtiny85

scope of supply:

  • USB programmer with soldered 6-pin tub connector
  • 6-pole ribbon cable with post connectors
  • 2 × pin header 10 way, male, right angle (to connect the programmer with other boards)


mySmartUSB MK2 (Programmer und Bridge)
The future-proof solution for ISP-Programming and data communication via UART, TWI, I²C or SPI
  • without an external power supply
  • very fast data communication and programming speed
  • protocols: AVR910/11, STK500v2, myMode
list price: 28.00 Euro

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