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mySmartUSB MK3 (programmer and bridge)

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mySmartUSB MK3

compact and powerfull high-speed USB programmer and communication interface
for Atmel AVR microcontroller

mySmartUSB MK3 is a compact high-speed USB programmer, designed in SMD construction and as a daugther board. So it is possible to programm a large number of AVR systems via the USB interface with this board. JTAG interface and ISP interface expand the application possibilities.
The communication interface can be used as UART, TWI/I²C or SPI-Bridge. The communication with a PC works completly transparent via a virtual COM port. The board will be connected via USB interface with the PC and supplied with power. A large number of AVR systems can be programmed with this board via the USB interface and communicate with a system via an UART-USB bridge.
With the preinstalled bootloader it is possible to update the firmware for new types of controller and protocols. In addition, mySmartUSB MK3 can be used as a basis for further applications, for example for a UART-USB, SPI-USB, TWI-USB converter.

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  • compact and powerful high-speed USB programmer and communication interface for Atmel microcontroller
  • power supply via USB connection
  • 3 V und 5 V option
  • simple programming via USB interface from variety of AVR-systems
  • easy communication via USB - possible over UART, TWI (I²C) or SPI
  • firmware update by preinstalled bootloader possible
  • switchable between programming, communication rest mode and myMode
  • programming mode:
    • ISP
    • highvoltage parallel
    • highvoltage serial
    • TPI
    • TPI highvoltage
  • selection of operating modes via software commands or mode buttons
  • additional function:
    • turning on and off the board voltage
    • reset of the programmer or target environment
    • retrieve current status information
    • can also be used with myAVR Board MK2


  • SMD construction
  • USB connection
  • ISP port
  • JTAG port
  • industriall standard USB controller (CP2102)
  • status LEDs
  • DIP switches
  • quartz 8 MHz
  • mode button
  • construction as daughter board, it can be used individually, e.g. for
    • programming other AVR systems with ISP connection
    • possible realization of highvoltage parallel interface
    • possible realization of highvoltage serial interface
    • USB-TWI / I²C bridge
    • etc.
  • dimensions: 60 x 30 x 15 mm
  • grind: 2.54 mm

Technical data

  • supply voltage: 5 V
  • operating current: 10 - 20 mA typical without other loads
    up to 100 mA if connected to target system
  • operating temperature: 0 -30 °C
  • supported protocols:
    • AVR109/910/911
    • STK500
  • supported programming methods:
    • ISP
    • highvoltage parallel
    • highvoltage serial
    • TPI
    • TPI highvoltage
  • selection supported controller families:   [show / hide]

Scope of supply:

  • USB-programmer
  • 10-pin flat cable with post connectors
  • 6-pin flat cable with post connectors
  • adapter board for the flat cables
  • 2 multi-pin connector2 (separately, not soldered on)
the mySmartUSB MK3 can programmed with following programming environments:
  • SiSy AVR (in German)
  • myAVR Workpad (in German)
  • AVR Studio


mySmartUSB MK3 (programmer and bridge)
High-speed USB programmer and communication interface
  • to program AVR microcontroller,
  • supported several protocols, programming modi and interfaces like UART, TWI and SPI
list price: 38.00 Euro

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