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mySmartControl MK2 32K

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Compact processor board for controlling -
with ATmega328
The compact processor board provides maximum performance with the ATmega328 at 20 MHz. It is designed to the myAVR standard and with USB interface. The integrated grid board allows additional own circuits on the board.


  • 32 KByte Flash
  • 20 MHz (ATmega328) for maximal performance
  • 1024 Byte EEPROM
  • 2 KByte RAM
  • up to 20 digital inputs and outputs
  • 8 analog inputs
  • reset button, power LED
  • with integrated grid board
    • grid of 2.54 mm
    • 8 x 11 pads
  • counter
  • comperator
  • PWM-outputs
  • interfaces like UART, SPI, TWI, I²C and so on
  • industrial standard-controller (CP2102) USB 2.0 to serial bridge from SiLabs
  • standard USB-interface


  • compact processor board for measurement and control with modern RISC technologie
  • simple communication of the microcontroller with the PC or Notebook via USB
  • USB modul, which is ready for communicate with a PC
  • provides a virtual COM-Port to the PC
  • AVR RISC microcontroller from Atmel
  • fast "in system"-programming, alternatively over USB and Bootloader or ISP
    (if you want to program via ISP we recommend the ISP Connect Kit 10/6 pole)
  • power supply
    • via USB connection 5 V or 3.3 V
    • optional with external power supply
  • 20-pin female header as standard myAVR board connector
  • fully equipped
  • optional possible equipment with external power supply connector (for more power resp. stand-alone use)
  • optional ISP equipment with 10 pin Atmel ISP standard
  • special connections prepared (Port D0, D1, B6, B7, C6, C7)
  • Printed circuit board pre-drilled, tin-plated, industrial production, solid, printed

Technical data:

  • Supply voltage: 5 V from USB or 9 V from myAVR power supply
  • Operating current: 10 mA - 20 mA
  • Operating temperature: 10° C - 50° C
  • Programming: USB 2.0, bootloader oder ISP
  • Communication: USB 2.0, virtual COM-port
  • USB-Controller: CP2102, SiliconLabs
  • Programming cable: flat cable, 10 pin 1:1, jack-jack, 10 pin standard Atmel-ISP connector
  • Extension port: 20-pin myAVR standard

Mechanical data:

  • Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 13 mm
  • Weight: ca. 20 g
  • Grid dimension: 2.54 mm


  • mySmartControl MK2 32K, equipped
  • 4 feet of boards, to protect the board against scratches


For an external power supply we recommend PowerKit V5; e.g. to connect the mySmartControl MK2 to a notebook.
The pin header Multi-pin connector 2x5, RM 2.54 mm is favorable for an easy connection with the mySmartControl MK2.

The mySmartControl MK2 too

mySmartControl MK2 32K
The compact microcontroller-board with an AVR RISC controller from Atmel and a standardized USB interface
  • Maximum compatibility with the ATmega328 by 20 MHz
  • with an integrated prototype area
list price: 32.00 Euro

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