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mySTM32-Board-F0D, assembly kit

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mySTM32-Board-F0D, assembly kit

price: 14.95 Euro

Das mySTM32-Board-F0D
is an ideal addition to the STM32F0-Discovery

The mySTM32-Board-F4D functioned as an Add-On and it is an ideal addition to the board „STM32F0-Discovery“.


complete assembly kit

The expansion board mySTM32-Board-F0D has additional digital and analog input and output devices known from the myAVR series for example potentiometer, button frequency converter and LEDs. An analog light sensor supports the use of different levels of brightness. Through the typical myAVR interface you can combine the board with other products of myAVR.
The board can be optionally equipped with a USB-UART bridge through the existing interface to communicate with the PC.
The form factor is based on the proven principles of the didactic myAVR learning systems.

The mySTM32-Board-F0D offers you the chance to employ the new 32bit technology in combination with the existing myAVR products.

Special Feature:
The mySTM32-Board-F0 D is especially designed to support the upgrading of myAVR-products and 8 bit AVR-controller,
for connoisseur to the programming of 32 bit ARM microcontroller and make it easier for beginner to access.


  • Interface for STM32F0-Discovery
  • Interface for myAVR products
  • Typical input and output devices (buttons, LEDs, etc.)
  • Analog photo sensor to experiment with different degrees of brightness
  • With microSD-card slot
  • Grid for flexible application (2,54mm)
  • myUSBtoUART optional

Scope of supply:

  • 1 circuit board, SMD pre-equipped
  • 3 LEDs
  • 1 piezo electric/buzzer
  • 2 miniature button
  • 2 potentiometer with full-floating axle
  • 1 photoconductive cell
  • 1 jumper
  • 1 female connector 20 pin
  • 2 female connector 2x25 pin
  • 4 multi-pin connector 16 pin, straight
  • wire, sockets and crimp contacts for patch cable

myUSBtoUART is not included in the delivery !
system requirements for Discovery-board
  • PC with Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Mini USB-cable


The „STM32F0-Discovery“ is the motherboard to the mySTM32-Board-F0D. The STM32F0-Discovery helps you to discover the functions and to develop easy applications of the STM32F0. It enables a fast induction at the ARM technology for beginner and advanced.
mySTM32-Board-F0D, assembly kit
An ideal addition to the "STM32F0-Discovery" with additional interface for myAVR products
  • Interface for STM32F0-Discovery
  • Interface for myAVR products
  • In- and output devices
  • grind: 2.54 mm
  • microSD card slot
list price: 14.95 Euro

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