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Atmel ICE programmboard (ATATMEL ICE PCBA)

Product groups > systemboards and programmer > Atmel ICE programmboard (ATATMEL ICE PCBA)

Atmel ICE programmboard (ATATMEL ICE PCBA)

Atmel ICE programmboard (ATATMEL ICE PCBA)

price: 109.40 Euro

Atmel-ICE PCBA - the low cost version of Atmel-ICE - only the equipped board

The Atmel ICE series includes powerful development tools for programming and debugging Atmel ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers. In particular, this series combines controller based on Atmel SAM and AVR Mikocontroller with on-chip debug capability.
The Atmel ICE series supports JTAG, SWD, PDI, TPI, aWire-, SPI and debugWIRE interfaces and is compatible with Atmel Studio.

  • programming and on-Chip debugging
    • all Atmel AVR 32-bit mikrocontrollers, with both JTAG and aWire interfaces
    • Atmel AVR XMEGA family of all devices, both JTAG and PDI-2-wire interfaces
  • programming and debugging
    • all Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller (JTAG and SPI) with OCD support, either JTAG or debugWIRE interfaces
    • all Atmel SAM ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers based on both SWD and JTAG interfaces
  • programming all Atmel tinyAVR 8-Bit MCUs with support for TWI interface
  • operating voltage range from 1.62 V bis 5.5 V
  • supported clock frequency:
    • JTAG: 32 kHz - 75 MHz
    • PDI:    32 kHz - 75 MHz
    • SPI:      8 kHz -   5 MHz
    • SWD:  32 kHz -   2 MHz
key features:
  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface (micro-USB)
  • 2 JTAG interfaces (AVR and SAM)
  • 3 LEDs: main power, target power, status

sources and links:

Atmel ICE programmboard (ATATMEL ICE PCBA)
Debugger and programmer board for ARM Cortex-M based Atmel SAM and AVR microcontroller
  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface
  • JTAG interfaces (AVR and SAM)
Included in delivery is only the board, no wires
list price: 109.40 Euro

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