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XMC4700 Relax Kit for 5V Shields

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XMC4700 Relax Kit for 5V Shields

XMC4700 Relax Kit for 5V Shields

price: 59.00 Euro

XMC4700 Relax Kit for 5V Shields - evaluation board with XMC4700 microcontroller
for embedded systems

Manufacturer identification: KIT-XMC47-RELAX-5V-AD-V1
The XMC4700 Relax Kit for 5V Shields is an evaluation board to start programming a XMC4700 microcontroller. The Connection to PC and power supply is via micro USB cable; the green power LED indicates the available supply voltage of 3,3 V. Optionally, a power supply of 5 V is possible. Buttons and LEDs are used as an input and output devices. 2 pin rows of each 2x20 pin are available to the user, both for the expansion of the board as well as measurements.
Debugging is supported via 2 different channels.
The XMC4700 Relax Kit for 5V Shields is compatible to Arduino™ Hardware.


  • XMC4700 Microcontroller (based on ARM Cortex-M4)
    • 144 MHz
    • 2 MB Flash
    • 352 KB RAM
  • Power supply via USB with micro USB cable
  • Power supply selectable between 5 V and 3,3 V
  • onboard Debugger
  • 2 LEDs, freely available for user
  • 3 buttons
    • 1 Reset-Button
    • 2 buttons, freely available for user


Pin configuration

The pin assignment is printed on the board.
For more information please refer to the original data sheet by Infineon..

Software recommendation

The extensive range of features of this board is optimally supported from SiSy Microcontroller++ for developing your own programs. SiSy Microcontroller++ is a software package for designing, writing, translating, burning and testing the self-developed programs. The functionalities of a simple development environment for programming as well as working with the UML is available. Your own work will be optimized with the sample programs and integrated support. Here you can find more information about SiSy Microcontroller++.
XMC4700 Relax Kit for 5V Shields
facture name: KIT_XMC47_RELAX_5V_AD_V1
Developer board to entry in the programming of an XMC4700 microcontroller
  • XMC4700 mikrocontroller
  • based on Cortex-M4
  • micro USB Interface
  • free user-pins
  • selectable voltage supply between 5V and 3.3 V
list price: 59.00 Euro

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