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XMC1200 Boot Kit - feature (KIT_XMC12_BOOT_001)

Product groups > hardware > XMC1200 Boot Kit - feature (KIT_XMC12_BOOT_001)

XMC1200 Boot Kit - feature (KIT_XMC12_BOOT_001)

price: 23.50 Euro

XMC1200 Kit - part of Infineonīs XMC1000 Application Kits
particularly suitable for LED Lighting applications

The XMC1200 series belongs to XMC1000 Microcontroller from Infineon. This board based on ARM Cortex-M0 core. The XMC1200 series are optimized for LED Lighting applications and Human-Machine interface (HMI).
The XMC1200 series combine the extended functionality and performance of the Cortex-M0 core with powerful on-chip peripheral subsystems and on-chip memory units.


  • XMC1200 Microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M0 based)
  • 8 KB on-chip ROM
  • 16 KB on-chip High-Speed RAM
  • up to 200 KB Flash
  • detachable SEGGER J-Link debugger
  • LED brightness and color control
  • periphery
    • micro USB connector
    • LED and Touch-Sense Controller for Human-Machine interface
    • A/D Converters, up to 12 channels
    • Temperature Sensor
    • 2 Universal Serial Interface Channels (USIC), usable as
      • UART
      • double SPI
      • quad SPI
      • IIC
      • IIS
      • LIN
With the controller family XMC1000, developed by Infineon, the possibility exists of inexpensive rise from the 8-bit technology to the 32-bit technology.


Pin configuration

For the pin configuration, please refer to the original datasheet from Infineon.

Software recommendation

he extensive range of features of this board is optimally supported from SiSy Microcontroller++ for developing your own programs. SiSy Microcontroller++ is a software package for designing, writing, translating, burning and testing the self-developed programs. The functionalities of a simple development environment for programming as well as working with the UML is available. Your own work will be optimized with the sample programs and integrated support. Here you can find more information about SiSy Microcontroller++.
system requirements for SiSy
    PC with Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
        (32-bit and 64-bit are supported)
Application examples
You can find further examples for programming the XMC1200 boat kits at Infineon.

Scope of delivery

  • fully stocked development board XMC1200 Boot Kit
  • 8-pin flat cable

XMC1200 Boot Kit - feature (KIT_XMC12_BOOT_001)
The XMC1200 (feature series) is a starter kit of the XMC1000 controller familie
  • optimized for LED Lighting applications
  • up to 200 KB Flash
  • detachable SEGGER J-Link Debugger
list price: 23.50 Euro

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