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myTWI PortExpander 3V / 5V

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myTWI PortExpander 3V / 5V

price: 9.95 Euro

Do you have too few ports?
The myTWI PortExpander is the solution!


  • 2 additional I/O ports for a total of 16 pins
  • Plug connector to connect the myTWI Portexpander with myAVR Boards MK1, MK2, MK3 or mySmarControl MK2
  • Female connector to connect more modules


  • Additional board is part of the TWI series of myAVR family
  • Universal TWI-port expansion with 2 additional I/O ports for a total of 16 pins
  • Comfortable solution for extending the myAVR system and to control further I/O ports
  • Can connected with other myTWI (I²C) add-ons via the expansion port
  • Robust, with documentation printing
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Material: FR4, 1.5 mm; 0.35 µm Cu
  • drilled, tinned, solder mask

Example of use:

  • with mySmartUSB Terminal
    • with that you can switch the several I/O ports of the myTWI Portexpander as input and output devices
    • This is visualized by the glowing of a LED which is additionally connected
    • download mySmartUSB Terminal »»»

    • mySmartUSB Terminal
  • LED control
    • Realization of a simple query button and a resulting LED control with the myAVR Workpad PLUS
LED Ansteuerung myTWI Portexpander

myAVR Board MK2
mit myTWI PortExpander

Principle circuit diagram:

Principle circuit diagram myTWI Portexpander

Scope of supply:

  • myTWI Portexpander (ready equipped)
  • 2 skirting board 10 pole

myTWI PortExpander 3V / 5V
Universal TWI port extension
  • 2 additional I/O ports for a total of 16 pins
  • multi-pin and female connector to connect more modules
list price: 9.95 Euro

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