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myAVR CreativeSet

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New! Inclusive controler module mySmartControl MK2 8K!

The myAVR CreativeSet contains a basic equipment for small projects. With that you can also build a complete myAVR compatible development board.

Scope of supply:

  • 1x mySmartControl MK2 8K
  • 1x myAVR prototyping board A (without solderd multi-pin connector)
  • 1x multi-pin connector 20 pole
  • 18x LED red
  • 4x LED yellow
  • 4x LED green
  • 2x 7-segment display
  • 18x resistor 1,2 kOhm
  • 1x resistor 110 Ohm
  • 4x resistor 750 Ohm
  • 2x resistor 160 Ohm
  • 4x button 9mm
  • Connecting cable in several colors (1 m per color)
  • 2x potentiometer
  • 2x rod for the potentiometer
  • 1 speaker
  • 1 photo sensor
myAVR CreativeSet

Here you have some small projects which you can realize with the myAVR CreativeSet:
All projects are explained more detailed in our myAVR project portal under "Mini-Projects". You can also download this projects as pdf in our download area.

LED Matrix

LED Matrix

to the pdf download »»»
to the project portal »»»

Traffic light project

Traffic light project

to the pdf download »»»
to the project portal »»»

Pedestrian light

Pedestrian light

to the pdf download »»»
to the projects portal »»»

Running light

to the pdf download »»»
to the project portal »»»


to the pdf download »»»
to the project portal »»»

Jingle Bells

to the pdf download »»»
to the project portal »»»


For programming you can use the following programs: If you have a project then you can send it us and we publish it in our project portal. Just send us a mail at

myAVR CreativeSet
Assortment of components for own projects
  • Various components
  • circuit board
  • board mySmartControl MK2 16K
list price: 32.95 Euro

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