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mySTM32 F0 Discovery PLUS

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mySTM32 F0 Discovery PLUS

price: 44.90 Euro

The developer board STM32F0-Discovery as package
with the equipped mySTM32-Board-F0D
and myUSBtoUART

Extension board mySTM32-Board-F0D
with USB-UART-Bridge
and STM32F0-Discovery next to each other

STM32F0-Discovery connected via
female and multi-pin connector
with the mySTM32-Board-F0D

  • STM32F0 microcontroller
  • USB-UART Bridge
  • USB-interface
  • interface for myAVR products
  • typical input and output devices
  • grid for flexible application (2.54 mm)
  • ...

The STM32 F0 series brings together a combination of real-time capabilities, low-power operations and expanded architecture for STM32 system. With the STM32F0-discovery, you can discover the functions of the STM32F0 in a simple way and easily develop applications.
The STM32F0-Discovery used the ARM Cortex M0 controller STM32F051R8T6 and includes embedded an ST-Link/V2 for the programming and debugging.
The mySTM32-Board-F0D functioned as an Add-On and it is an ideal addition to the STM32F0-Discovery. Additional digital and analog input and output devices, plus an USB-UART Bridge for the communication with the pc complete your stage of experiment and study.
In addition, this Add-on has an interface for myAVR products. Therefore it offers you the chance to employ the new 32bit technology in combination with the existing myAVR products.

Properties STM32F0-Discovery

  • Microcontroller STM32F051R8T6 in the LQFP64 case with
    • 32 Bit ARM Cortex-M0 core
    • 64 KByte Flash
    • 8 KByte RAM
  • 4 LEDs
    • 1 for USB communication
    • 1 power-LED for 3,3 V
    • 2 for outputs
  • 2 buttons
    • 1 for reset
    • 1 free available to the user
  • Programmer onboard


Properties mySTM32-Board-F0D, equipped

  • Interface for STM32F0-Discovery
  • Interface for myAVR products
  • Typical input and output devices (buttons, LEDs, ...)
  • Analog photo sensor to experiment with different degrees of brightness
  • MicroSD-card slot
  • Grid for flexible application (2.54 mm)
  • USB-UART bridge

mySTM32-Board-F0D, equipped with


  • On the STM32F4-Discovery is a ST-Link/V2 for programming and debugging.
    The board can use a ST-Link/V2 for programming and debugging of external microcontroller with the help of a jumper (via SWD-connection)
  • Power supply of the board via USB or over 5V external
  • 3V and 5V to use for the external periphery
  • Connection with external hardware via USB with micro-USB-cable
  • All microcontroller-pins are conducted outside over multi-pin connectors

Examples of application

  • geeignet für alle bisherigen 8 - und 16-Bit-Mikrocontroller-Lösungen
  • Skalierbar von Hobbyanwendungen über Home-Entertainment-Produkte bis industrielle Ausrüstungen
  • Communication with PC
  • Gathering analog data
  • Saving data on a SD-card
A big quantity of free available, ready executable examples plus the original data sheet of the manufacturer are on available.
Further examples are described in detail on .

Scope of delivery

  • 1 developer board STM32F0-Discovery
  • 1 equipped Add-On board mySTM32-Board-F0D with USB-UART Bridge
  • patch cabel in different colors and connectors for both sides
system requirements for Discovery-board
  • PC with Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Mini USB-cable

Recommendation of software

Please Attention that SiSy Microcontroller++ is only in German.
The substantial range of function of this board is optimally supported by SiSy Microcontroller++ for the development of own program. SiSy Microcontroller++ is a software package for designing, writing, dating, burning and checking the self developed program. There are features of an easy development for programming available and its possible to work with UML. The own work will be optimized with a sample program and integrated facilities.
Here you can find continuing information about SiSy Microcontroller++.
mySTM32 F0 Discovery PLUS
The board STM32F0-Discovery and mySTM32-Board-F0D (equipped) with myUSBtoUART
  • high-performance F0-processor
  • onboard programmer
  • In- and output devices
  • grind: 2.54 mm
  • USB-UART-bridge
  • Interface for myAVR products
list price: 44.90 Euro

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