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myTWI add-on eeprom, equipped 3V / 5V

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  • myTWI add-on eeprom is a part of the TWI-series for the myAVR board
  • diversification from the myAVR-system by an external eeprom of the 24Cx model series
  • the myTWI eeprom can be connected with other TWI (I²C) add-ons on the myAVR extension port simultaneously


  • fully equipped
  • incl. EEPRO 24C02
  • necessary pullup resistors can be activated by jumper
  • three additional address jumpers
    • => the allocation of expanded addresses is possible
      => up to 8 of this add-ons can be use coincident
  • overprint of the boards show the real circuit of the bus-systems
With the mySmartUSB-Terminal, which you find at the download area and can download for free, you can e. g. a TWI- or SPI-protocol step-by-step implement and watch the sequence of the activities and feedbacks.

scope of supply:

  • board myTWI add-on eeprom (ready equipped)
  • feet of boards, for the protection of scratches and similar damage

myTWI add-on eeprom, equipped 3V / 5V
  • extension for myAVR boards
  • EEPROM 24C02
  • pullup resistors can be activated by jumper
  • 3 ardess jumper
list price: 9.95 Euro

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