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myDigitalOut (4x relay)

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myDigitalOut (4x relay)

price: 15.95 Euro


The myDigitalOut adds four relay outputs to your myAVR board. It can be used together with all variants of the myAVR board (LPT and USB).
With the myDigitalOut Add-On it is possible to realize switching operations up to an switching capacity of 24W, that is for example 0.5A with 48V or 1A with 24V. This means, that the myDigitalOut Add-On is designed for experimental uses or for model construction.

Always use an external power supply unit with this board.
Never operate this Add-On with a voltage over 48V.
A myAVR board is required as a basis board.


  • material: FR4, 1,5 mm; 0.35 µm Cu
  • PCB pre-drilled, tin-plated, in industrial quality
  • female pin header to connect to the myAVR board
  • male pin header to connect to other modules
  • 4 x relais, switching capacity 30W, up to 48V
myDigitalOut (4x relay)
It adds four relay outputs to your myAVR board.
list price: 15.95 Euro

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