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my7-segment add-on, assembly kit

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The 7-segment add-on is an extension module which you can connect directly via the standardized multi-pin connector of the myAVR boards. The controlling can happen via a myAVR board or a mySmartControl. The extension with other add-ons from the myAVR series is also possible.

Every 7-segment display can display the figures 0 to 9. The add-on has 6 displays. It is robust and verified to the myAVR series.


  • Six 7-segment-displays (7-Segment LED)
  • Multi-pin connector for the connection of a myAVR Board
  • Female connector for the connection of other add-ons
  • Printed circuit board drilled, tinned, industrial production, robust, printed


  • Designed for use as a learning and experimental board
  • Easy to program (as e.g. a LCD)
  • Segments are controllable separately
  • For many examples usable, e.g.
    • Stop watch
    • Real time clock
    • Countdown
    • Frequenzy measurement
    • Temperature measurement
    • Clock with data and alarm function
    • Digital voltmeter
  • The controlling of the my7-segment add-on happens via the BCD-to-7-Segment-Decoder and the demultiplexer

Scope of supply

  • 1 BCD to 7Segment Decoder 74HC4511
  • 1 Demultiplexer 74LS138
  • 6 resistor 500 Ω
  • 8 resistor 150 Ω
  • 6 7-segment-display
  • 6 transistor
  • 1 multi-pin connector 20-pole
  • 1 pin header male 20-pole
  • 1 pin header male 3-pole
  • 1 pin header male 8-pole
  • 4 feets for boards
  • 1 printed circuit board 7-segment Add-On

Example of use:
Counter with mySmartControl MK2 8K

my7-segment add-on, assembly kit
Module to display the characters from 0 to 9
  • six 7-segment-displays
  • segments separatly controlled
  • myMCU standard connector
list price: 19.95 Euro

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