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The system boards are completely equipped experimental and development boards. They are designed for entry into the microcontroller programming or rather user-specific developments. Using standard Add-On sockets allows the system board to be extended with add-ons and modules.
Via USB interface are the PC and the programmer able to communicate over different protocolls (myMode, AVR910/911, STK500) with each other. Here can various programming methods be used, e.g. ISP, High Voltage parallel, High Voltage serial and TPI. Selected programmer can be used as a USB to UART Bridge and establish a serial connection from the PC to the target system.


Article Price / piece Quantity
mySmartUSB light - AVR ISP programmer  DE EN  15.95 Euro
The cheap ISP programmer in USB stick design.
  • Fast because of the double buffer and auto-ISP-speed
  • Compatible with SiSy AVR, myAVR Workpad, BASCOM, AVRStudio, CodeVision etc.
myAVR Board MK2, equipped  DE EN  49.00 Euro
Developerboard for ATMEL microcontroller
  • programming by removeable daughterboard mySmartUSB MK2
  • typical in- and outputdevices
  • with photo sensor
  • Infrared interface for receiver and transmitter
mySmartUSB MK2 (Programmer und Bridge)  DE EN  28.00 Euro
The future-proof solution for ISP-Programming and data communication via UART, TWI, I²C or SPI
  • without an external power supply
  • very fast data communication and programming speed
  • protocols: AVR910/11, STK500v2, myMode
mySmartUSB MK3 (programmer and bridge)  DE EN  38.00 Euro
High-speed USB programmer and communication interface
  • to program AVR microcontroller,
  • supported several protocols, programming modi and interfaces like UART, TWI and SPI
myUSBtoUART  DE EN  7.95 Euro
Powerful compact module, it makes virtual COM port available
  • for communication between PC and microcontroller
  • TTL compatibel
  • will be used as a standard USART
mySmartControl MK3  DE EN  67.00 Euro
Compact controler board of the upper AVR performance class
  • Powerful platform for the myAVR Stamp
  • graphic display
  • input and output devices
  • myAVR standard interface
  • maximum capacity to the myAVR Board MK3
myEthernet 64k, equipped  DE EN  14.95 Euro
The myEthernet with the ATmega644P!
  • extrem compact network solution for an embedded web server
  • Monitoring and control via network
  • Web design via HTML on a MicroSD card
myMultiProg MK2, equipped  DE EN  19.49 Euro
The all-purpose programmer for most AVR-microcontroller
  • 7 different DIP-sockets (8, 14, 20, 28 and 40 pin)
  • USB interface with "mySmartUSB MK2"
  • 6 pole ISP interface
  • Power LED and prog LED
Atmel ICE programmboard (ATATMEL ICE PCBA)  DE EN  109.40 Euro
Debugger and programmer board for ARM Cortex-M based Atmel SAM and AVR microcontroller
  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface
  • JTAG interfaces (AVR and SAM)
Included in delivery is only the board, no wires 
myMultiProg MK3 PLUS, assembly kit  DE EN  39.95 Euro
The universal programmer for AVR Controller in DIF-housing
  • ZIF-socket
  • 7 controller-specific coding plugs
  • 2 free coding plugs
myAVR Board light, equipped  DE EN  19.95 Euro
Well priced!!
Learning and experimenting board with push button, potentiometer, speaker, LEDs. Ideal for beginners. 

All prices included with VAT of 19% or 7%.

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mySmartUSB light

For beginners


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